3 SCARY Selling Mistakes to Avoid!

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3 SCARY Selling Mistakes to Avoid!

Selling your home doesn’t have to be a frightening experience! Hi there, it’s Jenevieve Croall with JLUX Homes Realty Group and I’m here to tell you 3 SCARY selling mistakes to avoid.

Number 1…

Skipping the prep work or, as I like to call it, the pre-game to selling. Pre-listing

prep-work includes clean up and declutter, repairs and upgrades, proper staging,

and phenomenal photos. These pre-game steps are proven to bring higher profit to your bottom line and should never be overlooked.

Number 2…

Overpricing the home. Overpricing a home leads to more days on the market, which

typically leads to lower offer prices. Not to mention it’s inconvenient to the seller to have to keep their home model ready for a more extended period of time.

And lastly, the 3rd scary mistake sellers should avoid is….

Not working with an experienced market expert. As an experienced professional, I’ve

got your back when it comes to avoiding costly mistakes, including those covered in

numbers 1 and 2. Not to mention, a skilled negotiation expert can make a massive difference to the amount of money you walk away with at the closing table.

If you know anyone buying or selling, let me take the SCARY out of the process. Contact me directly to set up a FREE consultation.

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