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Best Ways to Sell A Home with A Pet

Best Ways to Sell A Home with A Pet

The majority of home buyers are pet owners, but ironically, a sign of a pet living in the
home is not a selling point. Here are my top tips on how to show your house in its very
best light, without help from your furry friends. First…we want to make them invisible!
For photos and showings we want to remove and hide their food bowls, beds and
toys… and don’t forget to pick up after them in your backyard! Next we need to tackle
pet odors. It’s always wise to start with a deep clean and change your air filters, I like to
go a step further and discuss if we need to get the carpets cleaned or even replaced. I
will share a little trick I have been using for years for homes with pet odors, Glade Plug-
In Clean Linen scent can do miracles! Lastly, I know many of my clients struggle with
what to do with their pets during showings. I know it’s difficult, but having your pets
staying home during a showing isn’t ideal. Some buyers who have pet allergies will be
instantly turned off and an excited barking dog in the backyard or in a crates can make
showings a bit..awkward! For quick pet care, preemptively talk to local pet sitters, from
doggie daycare centers to in-house local options you can find on Rover.com! I know all
of this can be overwhelming and extra effort but remember, we want to focus on the big
picture, selling your home quickly and for top dollar so we can get you, and your furry
baby, into your new home.

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