Does it feel like it’s the worst time to find a new home?

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Does  it  feel  like  it’s  the  worst  time  to find  a  new  home?
Does  it  feel  like  it’s  the  worst  time  to find  a  new  home?  Buyers  still  searching  for  a house are feeling absolutely exhausted, with many of them losing faith in ever finding one. Hey there, Jenevieve Croall here with JLUX Homes Realty Group. Buyer  fatigue  is  a  big  problem  that  hits  house  hunters  who  begin  to  feel  as  though their search will never end. After  going  to  countless  open  houses,  spending  hours  looking  online,  and  watching offers  get  turned  down,  eventually,  even  the  most  dedicated  of  buyers  can  begin  to give in to the exhaustion that comes with buyer fatigue. 

We’re in a seller’s market – and have been for a while now. While the few people selling their homes are taking full advantage of the ultra-competitive market, perhaps now is the time to jump back in and re-energize your hunt. We’re  seeing  signs  that  the  market  is  beginning  to  shift  in  a  direction  that  will  make finding a new home a little less challenging than even a few months ago. As more and more people give up on finding a home, competition is falling, while more houses are coming onto the market. This means good news for buyers. 

But you don’t need to go it alone anymore. A reliable realtor will give you the fatigue-busting edge you need to time your re-entry perfectly! Before   everyone   else   comes   to   the   party,   think   about   joining   forces   with   an experienced  agent  like  me  who  understands  that  success  in  this  super  competitive market requires more than just turning doorknobs to listings. You’ll  need  someone  who  knows  the  game  better  than  the  competition  you’re  up against,  an  extensive  network  like  mine  and  solid  know-how  of  the  ever-changing market. 

So, if you know someone who needs an experienced agent to work on their behalf in a sellers’ market, I would love the opportunity to do so. As always, thanks for your continued support!

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