I can make you a CASH Buyer!

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I can make you a CASH Buyer!
Let’s get real, It is not a surprise to many of you that in today’s real estate market, buyers need THE ULTIMATE competitive edge to win in this new Hunger Games style home search! BUT what if I told you I could turn you into an ALL CASH BUYER, giving you that ultimate advantage over all your competition. Hi there, Jenevieve Croall here with JLUX Homes Realty Group. In my last post, I talked about how JLUX Homes has partnered with HomeLight to help my local sellers unlock their full market equity BEFORE buying their new home. Today I want to talk about how HomeLight is turning ALL my BUYERS, regardless if they currently own a home, into CASH KINGS! HomeLight Home Loans has a revolutionary new product where they will purchase your new home, on your behalf in CASH! Then they will finance it back to you with a traditional conventional loan, with competitive rates and no lender fees. Let’s talk about why this is a HUGE game changer for all my local and out of state clients.

First off, Sellers are looking for the strongest offer, and most of the time that means a cash heavy offer with a quick closes and even financing and appraisal contingencies waived. Positioning yourself as a CASH BUYER puts you in this wheel house and will bring your CASH OFFER to the top of the pile when sellers are sifting through multiple offers. Once your cash offer is accepted by the seller, HomeLight will then use their funds to purchase your new house and can close in as early as 8 days. Then HomeLight holds the home while you secure traditional conventional financing with them and as soon as your loan closes, HomeLight sells the home to you at the same price they purchased. Typically this all can be done within 21 days! o recap, HomeLight Home Loans turns our buyers into Cash Buyers, allowing them to win contracts and close quickly.

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