Still shopping for Christmas Gifts🎁?

Still shopping for Christmas Gifts🎁?


I can't believe Christmas is almost here! If you are like me and still have a few more people to buy for then keep watching because I want to share with you my top 3 gifts I love to give clients throughout the year which also happen to make amazing Christmas Gifts! 

My tried and true gift is a monogrammed front door mat made by BlackButterfly Signs on Etsy. I've been gifting these beautiful mats for several years as closing gifts. BlackButterfly Signs offers over 100 mat designs with prices starting at $40 for a small mat all the way up to $150 for a double door oversized mat! I can honestly tell you that these mats are so well received and it always warms my heart when I visit these homes years later and still see their family mats outside their front door!

My second most loved client gift, which I actually started gifting this year, is Custom Marble Wood Charcuterie Board! I also get these from Etsy and have had great experience with The Paisley Box for quick turnaround and they offer 12 engraving styles and are affordably priced at around $50 each.  
Now my last recommendation is my most luxurious gift. If you want to splurge and really pour some love onto that special person, you must check out the ultra luxury, ultra plush throw blankets from Minky Couture. I was actually given this Minky Couture blanket by my husband last year and it is constantly being stolen throughout the household by my kids, guests and yes even my Husband. Anyone who touches this blanket will fall in love with it immediately, but they will also love what Minky Couture stands for. The owner of Minky Couture, Sandi, made her first luxurious blanket for her ill daughter who was hospitalized. She wanted her daughter to have the softest most plush blanket to cuddle with during her recovery. This incredibly soft blanket was swooned over by people visiting her daughter. Sandi then started giving these luxury blankets to those in need and today Minky Couture continues to donate thousands of blankets to charities, hospitals and fundraisers. Now Minky Couture offers over 358 blanket styles with sizes ranging from infant, to tween, adult and even a Monster Size. Prices range from $30 all the way up to $300, but let me give you a little secret tip, the Travel Size which is offered in most of their blankets is a fraction of the cost and absolutely perfect for cuddling up with a glass of wine on your couch while watching your favorite Christmas Movie! 
Well there you have it! I hope this helped you finish your Christmas Shopping List! Let me know if you purchase one or all of these amazing gifts. Happy Holidays!  

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