Unlock Your Equity NOW!

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Unlock Your Equity NOW!

Are you like many of our local clients who are sitting on a ton of equity and looking to buy a new home, but need to sell their current one first? If so, keep watching because your mind is about to be blown on what we are doing for our sellers to give them the ultimate advantage!

JLUX Homes has an exclusive new partnership with HomeLight, a company which allows you to sell your home on your own timeline for the FULL market value after you close on your new home, while unlocking the equity in your current home so that you can make a contingency-free offer on your next home! Here’s how it works:

#1 We’ll work with HomeLight so they can make an offer on your current home — and guarantee it. That’s the price they’ll pay you for your current home as soon as you’re ready to move into your new home.

#2 This will allow us to make a stronger offer on your new home. When we’ve found the home of your dreams, you’ll be ready to make an offer with no lending or home sale contingency.

#3 This will also allow you to move on your schedule. Once your offer is accepted, everything comes together in days, not months. HomeLight buys your home at the guaranteed price so you get the cash to close on your dream home and control when you move.

#4 The best part is that you get full market value when we sell your home. Once you’ve moved out and are in your new home, I’ll work with you and HomeLight to list your previous home. If your home sells for more than the price HomeLight paid for it, they’ll give you the additional cash minus traditional selling costs and program fees, which are typically just 1-1.5% of the sale price.

Effectively, you are able to list your home on the open market to get full value while you’re already living in your new home. Your previous home will be vacant so I can work with HomeLight to prep and stage it and you don’t have to worry about any of the repair work or showings.

JLUX Homes is thrilled to be able to offer this program to our local sellers and stay tuned to learn how HomeLight is also helping our Buyers on the other side by turning them into strong, all-cash buyers by submitting offers on their behalf allowing our clients to win contracts, close fast and finance their home purchases with as little as 5% down.

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